Students are Taking on the 2018 Solar Car Challenge

Students at Pana High School are setting out to build a solar-powered car to enter the 2018 Solar Car Challenge. The car is going to be made from scratch and is going to race from Texas to California.

The framework for what will hopefully become a solar-powered car is beginning to take shape at the junior high shop nearby. The industrial art teacher, Steve Bonser, said that the students have finished the majority of the design work for the car. The frame for the 8-foot car has been constructed as well. Their goal is to have the car fully built and legally on the roads by March.

While building this car, the students are learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. On top of that, the students are also learning on-the-job training for their future careers.

Sponsors have been a big help to this project for the students and staff. So far, the class has raised around $3,000. That seems like a decent amount, but they still need another $5,000 just to finish the car. Then the contest is $1,500 to enter and the students will need help with lodging and travel.

Check out more on how they are doing by clicking here. That link will also tell you how to help if you wish to do so.

Solar Car

Photo from article source – Post & Courier

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