Phillips Exeter Academy has Largest Solar Array

To begin, Phillips Exeter Academy is located in New Hampshire, and they now have the largest solar array. The array is on top of the schools new field house that is 84,574 square feet. The field house features 1,552 solar panels.

ReVision Energy is the company who installed the array at Phillips Exeter Academy. They recently installed another large array at the Brentwood fire station. This array will create enough power to meet the demands of the town’s municipal buildings. Brentwood estimates that they will save around $1 million over the span of 40 years.

According to Christina Zlotnick, Events Marketing Specialist at ReVision Energy, “The large-scale array is a tangible example of the academy’s commitment to sustainability…”.

ReVision thinks that the new array will save Phillips Exeter Academy approximately $2 million. Those savings will span across the life of the system.

Lastly, according to ReVision officials, the 535.44kw array will generate 598,000kw hours of solar power a year.

Largest Solar Array

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