Illinois Schools Adding Solar to Buildings & Curriculum

Illinois schools such as Skinner North Classical Elementary, are partially solar. Skinner North Classical Elementary only has a one-kilowatt solar array on top of an awning. The one array is only able to provide enough electricity for one classroom. This array is also one of 400 installations that were provided statewide by Illinois Clean Energy Foundation. The installations were a part of the Illinois Solar Schools program. The foundation funds small solar installations for educational purposes.


“Learning by doing, and wondering because you are engaged, is long-term learning”


So, the field representative for Illinois Solar Schools is Glen Kizer. Kizer noted that solar energy is a good topic for STEM education. Solar schools not only inspire students but prepare them for clean energy jobs.

Schools across the Midwest and the U.S are starting to embrace on-site solar systems. Schools are using these systems as a way to educate students. The students are learning real-life examples involving math, technology, science, and economics in action.

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