Get Your Crossing Guard a Handheld Flashing Stop Sign

We are now offering a Handheld Flashing Stop Sign that comes in two different sizes. The handheld sign comes in an 18″ and a 24″ size.

The Handheld Flashing Stop Sign Paddle is very lightweight and helps reduce operator fatigue.  This Handheld Sign also helps protect crossing guards, children, and other personnel commanding the attention of motorists in all weather conditions.

This particular one is a double-sided “Stop”, we do also offer a paddle that is “Stop” on one side and “Slow” on the other.

The LEDs on the sign provide over 1-mile visibility when illuminated. Users can choose between flashing illumination or constant illumination by the push of a button. The sign is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack and produces 12 hours of flashing operation per charge or 2 hours of constant on per charge. Automatically lights up when the paddle is raised into the air and shuts off when lowered to conserve energy.

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