Fremont, Indiana is Turning Their School District Solar

The cost for “going solar” for individual homes has dropped a drastic 60% in the past decade. School Districts are starting to take notice and more schools are going solar now. Especially in Fremont, Indiana.

The small town of Fremont has always relied on the sun to warm up their fields and bring people to their lakes. But now, the superintendent would like the energy of the sun to power the School District. So not just one school, but the elementary, middle and high schools.

The startup process for going solar would cost around $3 million in construction. That seems like a lot, but when everything is said and done, the whole school district will be completely powered. The system will have several rows solar panels that will be in a special solar field behind the middle school.

Eventually, electricity will be free. In about 20 years from now, the school district will own all the equipment, which means they will not pay for anything but electricity. The solar panels will work year-round and will even be able to produce electricity with a full moon.

Schools are going solar to also offer an educational component by giving teachers the opportunity to incorporate lessons into their science, technology, engineering and math classes.

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