Helpful Reminders for Driving in School Zones

School has been back is session for several weeks and it is important to practice safe driving in school zones.

According to, the number one rule for driving in school zones is to be aware that you are in a school zone. Keep your eyes on the road and mind on task at all times, keep the cellphones down.

Also, you must realize you are coming up to a school zone to reduce your speed. There should always be an expectation of delays when driving through a school zone in the morning or afternoon.

Therefore, during those times, expect an unusually high concentration on crosswalks. Whether the pedestrians are using the marked crosswalks or not, yield.

When on the daily route for work, be aware of buses. Stop when they stop, watch for children and yield for buses right of way.

One must remember to always obey guards, traffic officers and policemen. There can be severe fines for breaking traffic laws in a school zone. So make sure you are being safe whilst driving in school zones.


Driving in School Zones

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