Driver Safety Tips in School Zones

Below are some driver safety tips from AARP about driving in school zones during school hours.

  • Try to avoid school zones by adjusting your morning and afternoon route.
  • Slow Down! Typically, the speed limits in school zones are 5-10 miles per hour below the regular limit.
  • Always be on the lookout for pedestrians. Especially on sidewalks, around driveways, intersections and residential neighborhoods.
  • Allow yourself some extra time if you absolutely have to go through a school zone.
  • Put the cell phone down and avoid all other distractions such as trying to find something in your car.
  • Always look for pedestrians crossing your intended route.
  • Do not pass a vehicle that has stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the road.
  • Beware of your pedestrian blind spot. It’s easy to miss seeing a pedestrian who is hidden by the corner posts between your windshield and side windows.
  • When in the city, be sure to watch for pedestrians, especially children, darting out mid-block from between parked vehicles.
  • Look for pedestrian crossing signals and signs that require vehicles to stop mid-block for pedestrian crosswalks.
  • At a stoplight, check to make sure no pedestrians are crossing your path before you proceed.
  • Be alert for pedestrians and children when backing out of driveways or parking spaces.

Driver Safety Tips

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