Greenskies Helps Power Connecticut Schools with Solar Power

First of all, Greenskies is a Clean Focus company that is going to add solar power Connecticut schools. So, these eleven schools are located in a town called New Haven. The schools are as follows:

  • Ross Woodward School
  • Benjamin Jepson School
  • Mauro-Sheridan School
  • East Rock School
  • Clinton Avenue School
  • Columbus Family Academy
  • Brennan Roger School
  • James Hillhouse High School
  • Hill Regional Career High School
  • Wilbur Cross High School
  • John S. Martinez School

By adding solar power to these schools, this also demonstrates the town’s dedication to sustainability. While the schools are turning solar, New Haven is updating the community other ways as well. In addition to the schools turning solar, New Havens portfolio also includes municipal, commercial, small utility, and community solar projects.

Greenskies, a Clean Focus company, is pleased to help the New Haven schools in lowering their energy costs and redeploying savings into other important programs and services. These eleven schools complement out large portfolio of municipal, commercial, small utility, and community solar projects. We look forward to a long relationship with the City of New Haven over the lifetime of the project.

– Stanley Chin, President, and CEO of Greenskies and Clean Focus group

Therefore, the solar arrays will lower annual electric costs with clean, renewable energy for New Haven schools. To conclude, the system will exceed 1.8 mW and annually offset over 2.5 million pounds of CO2. That is approximately as much as 280 cars.

 Connecticut Schools

Source | Solar Traffic Systems, Inc. | School Zones