There are Many Benefits of Solar Power for Schools

There are many different benefits of solar power for schools starting with utility costs. Utility costs will be a benefit for both schools and individuals. But when it comes to schools, they have a unique advantage with solar energy due to their structure. This is because the majority of schools have a flat rooftop. A flat rooftop makes schools ideal for rooftop photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal systems.

The Department of Energy estimated that taxpayers spend about $6 billion on energy costs for grades K-12 each year. That is more than what is spent on textbooks and computers combined.

If you are curious how school energy is divided, here is a general idea:

  • Lighting: 26%
  • Cooling: 26%
  • Office Equipment: 20%
  • Other: 10%
  • Ventilation: 7%
  • Space Heating: 5%
  • Regulation: 4%
  • Cooking: 1%
  • Water Heating: 1%

By producing your own electricity via solar energy, you are then providing great public relation benefits for schools. You will also be able to generate power when emergency conditions prevent access to a utility grid. Majority of schools serve as a community evacuation center, and this would make the schools a very reliable source of power in an emergency.

Schools should be going solar for all the reasons mentioned above and more. To check out the full article by Empire, click here.

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